Catalog Of The Climax Patent Geared Locomotive

Duplicate Parts

A complete record of each locomotive is kept, as an important feature of our construction is the system of duplicate parts. All the working parts of each locomotive are interchangeable with others of the same class and kind, and blue prints showing all the working parts numbered and lettered are furnished to every purchaser.

We keep a stock of fitted duplicate parts for all sizes and kinds, so that orders for repairs are accurately and promptly filled.

Special Sizes and Styles

This catalogue contains many sizes and styles of locomotives from which to select, but we are able to make any change in the general construction to suit the special requirements of the customer. We wish the following information in order to submit proposition and specifications of an engine that we would recommend and warrant to do the work:

  1. Gauge of track and length of road.
  2. Steepest grade and sharpest curves on said grade.
  3. Weight of load and number of cars to be hauled up the grade.
  4. Kind of fuel.
  5. Weight of rail.
  6. We will appreciate all the information regarding traffic desired to haul daily, and number of miles expected to run, as we may be able to make valuable suggestions regarding the most suitable engine.

Export Orders

We have been exporting many Locomotives in the past few years where they come in competition with the best European builders, as well as with our home competitors, but the simplicity of design of the Climax Geared Locomotive, the ease with which it is cared for and handled, and the wearing parts kept up and renewed, make it very easy for the foreigner to run and operate successfully. The Climax Geared Locomotive is able to overcome the steep grades and sharp curves over the rough and uneven roadbed, upon light rails, with greater traction power than other locomotives requiring much more expensive track.

We have them in Hawaiian Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South America, as well as Alaska, and in nearly every one of our own States.

Great care is exercised in taking down, boxing and packing all parts for protection against damages during ocean voyages.

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