Catalog Of The Climax Patent Geared Locomotive

Horizontal Style - Brief Description (Cont’d)

The Trucks, as shown in the engravings, are made on a new principle. The wheels are all driving wheels. Channels 12 inches wide connect the centers on which the center springs set, with an additional spring over each axle, making it easy and flexible on the track. The bolster is double trussed with rub irons on each end, and a wrought iron tic-bar connects the ends of the truck frames and supports the brake hangers. A steel gear is placed on the center of the axle, having the hub pressed to place, and gear rims made in halves, and are interchangeable, so that they can be renewed quickly when worn out. The line shaft runs over the top of the axle and is held in place by our patented cross-boxes and sleeves. The cross-boxes have interchangeable phosphor bronze liners made in halves and adjustable to wear. Sleeve couplings and bronze rings are fitted on the axle between the gear and the wheel on one side and the cross-box and wheel on the other, holding the gear in mesh and line shaft in position, and taking up the side wear. Steel pinions are placed on the outside of the axle gears next to the cross-box and adjustable collars are on the line shaft inside the cross-box, preventing the end play of the shaft and making them adjustable to wear. The power is transmitted by the line shaft pinions to the axle gears, thereby giving equal power to each wheel and equal traction on both rails, and permitting it to curve equally as well one way as the other.

Wheels for wood or steel rails are used as desired. The axles and line shafts are made of special hammered steel and are very large to avoid breakage. Journal boxes of approved pattern are used with heavy brasses, having deep oil cellars filled with waste.

A Brake Cylinder is attached to the center of the channel iron on each truck, and the brake lever is connected to the piston rod of the brake cylinder, making the brake complete on each truck, swinging with the trucks on curves, and holding the brake shoes as tightly as on a straight line, without corner binding. By this arrangement the long brake rod and chain is obviated and double security is had. The truck frames are made strong and substantial, and lock nuts are an all bolts, preventing the parts from loosening.

The Cab is of hardwood, with sliding windows and doors opening onto the running boards on each side of the boiler. An adjustable ventilator is in center of cab roof. It has wide back corner ends with window lights, and is fitted with seats for the engineer and fireman.

The Tank is horse shoe shaped, with flaring top, and is securely braced and fastened to the frame. The locomotive is equipped complete with all tools and fittings for its operation, including steam brake, steam syphon and suction hose for taking water, two injectors, sight feed lubricator, water gauge try cocks, steam gauge headlight, bell, whistle, pop valve, machinist hammer, pipe wrench, monkey wrench, chisel, punch, oil cans, clinker bar and poker. It is painted, varnished, lettered and numbered as desired.

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