About The Unknown Climax Shop Numbers

There are numerous Climax Locomotives found in photographic and historical records for which shop numbers can not be verified. For these locomotives, a Tracking Number (T/N) has been assigned and is a number, preceded with the letter X, i.e.; X1, X500, etc.

These Tracking Numbers are used solely as a means to “track” the movements of a particular locomotive and are not indicative of when the locomotive was built, nor does the order have any significance. As “Unknown” locomotives are discovered, they are added to the list and if identification is confirmed, they are removed from the list.

On the Unknown Shop Number Roster, the first date shown indicates the earliest date that the locomotive appears in historical records. Additional dates shown are when the locomotive was: transferred to another owner - listed for sale - scrapped - or other significant event. The locations shown are where it is believed that the locomotive operated, although in some cases, the location may simply be the closest Post Office, the company headquarters or nearest railroad interchange point used for delivery purposes. Where it has been confirmed that a locomotive was regauged, this information is shown in the Class-Weight column.

Dates are listed by either month-year or year. An asterick * preceding an owner name indicates the first known owner of the locomotive. (D) denotes a locomotive dealer. Subsidiary or operating company names are shown in parentheses under the owner column. Owner names are in dictionary order, i.e.; Nicholas W. Heinemann Lumber Co. will be listed as Heinemann, Nicholas W. - Lumber Co.