About The Climax Shop Numbers

All locomotive manufacturers use a unique identifier for the locomotives they produce - a serial number, builders number, construction number or shop number (S/N) as used by Climax. However, the system(?) used by the Climax Manufacturing Company is unusual to say the least.

Based on all available information, this is the way that shop numbers appear to have been assigned by Climax:

S/N 1 - S/N 284
All numbers are believed to have been issued.
S/N 1 - S/N 58 are not included in this list due to the confusing and often unreliable information available. These numbers are listed in the Unknown Climax Shop Number Roster, but not necessarily in the order they were actually built.
S/N 285 - S/N 489
Only odd numbers were issued (285, 287, ...).
S/N 490 - S/N 1000
Only even numbers were issued (490, 492, ...).
Exceptions: S/N 646 was not used - S/N 648 was issued twice.
S/N 1001 - S/N 1585
Only odd numbers were issued (1001, 1003, ...).
Exceptions: S/N 1051 was not used - S/N 1052 was issued.
S/N 1586 - S/N 1694
All numbers were issued.

On the Climax Shop Number Roster pages, the Acquired/Disposed column contains dates when a locomotive was: transferred to another owner - listed for sale - scrapped - or other significant event.

Dates are listed by either month-year or year. An asterick * preceding an owner name indicates the confirmed first owner of the locomotive. (D) denotes a locomotive dealer. Subsidiary or operating company names are shown in parentheses under the owner column. Owner names are in dictionary order, i.e.; Nicholas W. Heinemann Lumber Co. will be listed as Heinemann, Nicholas W. - Lumber Co.