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“Preserving the history of the Climax Patent Geared Locomotive and its inventor, Charles Darwin Scott. We hope you will find the information and photographs contained herein to be a valuable reference source for these unique locomotives produced by the Climax Manufacturing Company of Corry, Pennsylvania.”

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PLEASE NOTE: I do not have plans or scale drawings of Climax locomotives or log cars, nor can I provide larger copies of the photographs contained on this web site. I would recommend that you obtain a copy of the book The Climax Locomotive, which contains excellent scale drawings of Climax Locomotives and the log cars produced by Climax. You may have difficulty obtaining the new Climax book, as it appears to be sold out as of February 2007.

Please help to keep this site accurate and informative. Please send verifiable additions or corrections to the author. Contributions of information and especially photographs would be greatly appreciated. All photographs will be properly credited.

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