Climax 1650 Steam Trust Board Update April 16, 2022


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Text and images courtesy of the Climax 1650 Steam Trust Board
Dateline: April 16, 2022

Some photos of our project. Thanks to John, Murray and Paul of Pitcorn Engineering, and a lot of other supporters, we have made a lot of progress towards an operating Climax locomotive.


The progress can be summarised as:

- Weld repairs completed
- Steam dome outlet attachment replaced
- Washout plug holes repaired
- New smokebox rolled and fitted
- New regulator
- New firebars cast and fitted
- Hydro test
- Steam test
- Sandblasted and painted
The boiler was refitted to the chassis.

- Chassis assembly completed
- Engine overhaul completed
- New cab fabricated. The cab was drilled and hot rivetted.
- New bunker/water tank fabricated.
- Cab floor installed

Climax 1650 is now starting to look like a loco.
There is still a lot of work to complete our loco, but we are making good progress.
The Climax locomotive will operate at the Glen Afton Line at Pukemiro Junction when it is completed.
Thanks to all our supporters.