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Work in Progress Drawings of A-313. See Attached.

A-313 was probably an 18 Ton Class A as the Truck Wheel Base is 45" - 45-1/4" and the Water Tank is of the correct size per early 20th Century Climax Catalogs. for an 18 Ton Climax. However, that is not definitive as SN 1551 was an 70 Ton Class C Climax and it had/has 80 Ton Trucks.

A-313 Left Elevation.JPG

A-313 Bottom Plan.JPG

A-313 Front Elevation.JPG

A-313 Rear Elevation.JPG
Very nice, thanks for posting! So this is a full 3D drawing of the A-313?
Yes. 2D projection of 3D CADD drawing. Work in progress based upon parts of A-313 at Corry, PA, notes (Christiansen & Dunn) and photos.