Catalog Of The Climax Patent Geared Locomotive

Horizontal Style - Brief Description (Cont’d)

The Boiler is mounted in the center of a steel frame, and is a regular horizontal locomotive style, having the tubes well submerged, permitting it to run up the steepest grades without baring either end. All boilers are tested, stamped and numbered as required by steam boiler insurance companies. Copper ferrules are on the fire-box end, preventing expansion and leakage. A water space is around the firebox, the crown sheet being securely fastened by stay bolts, screwed down from the top, and riveted at both ends. There are cleaning out plugs around the corners and a blow-off cock attached. A large steam dome is in the center, giving dry steam at all times, from which a dry pipe leads through the smoke box and saddle to the cylinders. The fire-box is large, giving plenty of grate service, and grates are provided for coal or wood. An extension smoke box with spark arresting screen is attached and suitable cinder dumps and poke holes are arranged so the cinders can be taken out without interfering with the gearing. A straight cast stack is used for coal, and a diamond stack, with improved spark arrester, when wood fuel is used.

The Ash Pan is strongly made, with a proper regulating damper. Dry steam is taken into the steam box in the cab from which the connections are made. The boiler is lined with asbestos and covered with a Russia iron jacket. A sand dome with lever and lead pipes to the rails are attached.

The Frame is made of steel channels with heavy steel liners reinforcing the center, large corner brackets being riveted to the channel and bolted to heavy oak end sills to which the drawheads are fastened. The frames are connected by double trussed iron bolsters. Two large truss rods stiffen the frame, having turn buckles in the center.

End View of Geared Truck, Showing the Adjustment of Gears

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