Catalog Of The Climax Patent Geared Locomotive

Upright Style - General Description

WE also build lighter locomotives, having same style of trucks, with our patent gearing. These locomotives have a frame made of Southern pine or oak.

A Pair of High Speed Double Acting Engines are located in the center of the main frame, made of the best material and workmanship. Phosphor bronze shoes on the cross-heads are adjustable to wear. Links are made in halves of hardened steel. The main rods are solid forged, and the brasses are adjustable to wear by wedge, and all the working parts are made interchangeable as well as adjusted to wear. A pair of steel spur gears are on the engine shaft, meshing into a corresponding pair on the center shaft, which gives two powers or speeds, either of which may be used, giving the advantage of doubling the power when necessary to overcome a steep grade, or where an exceptionally heavy pull is to be made, which is not used on any other geared locomotive built.

The Center Shaft is made of Steel, on which the main gears are fitted. Universal couplings and square line shafts connect to the trucks, permitting each truck to curve independent of the other.

The Boiler is T shape, having horizontal tubes, a water space around the firebox, extension smoke box, large steam and water capacity, and is a very economical steamer. Grates are furnished for coal or wood.

The Tank is round, carrying plenty of water. The Cab is canopy shaped, with open sides, and can be arranged for curtain or enclosed with sliding windows on sides of engine and end doors, as desired.

It is equipped with all standard fittings and tools for its operation. We furnish detailed specifications, giving fully all dimensions of each size locomotive that may be desired with every proposition that we make.

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